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Implement Hello, World in the Cloud

A simple program deployed to the Wolfram Cloud.


CloudDeploy["Hello, World"]

Style Hello, World to make it more dramatic.

CloudDeploy[ExportForm[Style[ Framed["Hello, World", ImageMargins -> 60], 80, Orange, FontFamily -> "Verdana"], "GIF"]]

how it works

Printing Hello, World is a standard minimal example of programming.

In a Wolfram Language notebook, its completely trivialyou just type the string, and its printed out:

"Hello, World"

You can explicitly print it too, here 5 times:

Do[Print["Hello, World"], {5}]

You can also really say Hello, World to the world by deploying it on the web:

CloudDeploy["Hello, World"]

What comes back here is a UUID-based URL. If you go there, you get the Hello, World string.

Heres how you can make a more dramatic Hello, World, shown as the deployed version of this example. Adding the option PermissionsPublic makes it publicly accessible:

CloudDeploy[ ExportForm[Style[Framed["Hello, World", ImageMargins -> 60], 80, Orange, FontFamily -> "Verdana"], "GIF"], Permissions -> "Public"]