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Make an Elevation Map

See the lay of the land with an elevation map.


ReliefPlot[ QuantityMagnitude[ GeoElevationData[ Entity["City", {"Austin", "Texas", "UnitedStates"}]]]]

Make a topographic map with ListContourPlot:

ListContourPlot[ QuantityMagnitude[ GeoElevationData[ Entity["City", {"Austin", "Texas", "UnitedStates"}]]], Contours -> 50]

how it works

This example was live-coded at the Wolfram Research booth at SXSW, March 9, 2014.

Get elevation data for Austin, Texas:

elevationData = GeoElevationData[ Entity["City", {"Austin", "Texas", "UnitedStates"}]];

Extract pure quantity values from the data:

elevations = QuantityMagnitude[elevationData];

Plot the elevations as a relief map:


Make a topographic map with ListContourPlot:

ListContourPlot[elevations, Contours -> 25]