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  • Simultaneous optimization of expressions immediately after they have been derived
  • Automatic differentiation technique
  • Automatic selection of appropriate intermediate variables
  • Can generate a complete program structure
  • Accurately handles large problems where intermediate expressions could erroneously produce uncontrolled swell (exponential behavior)
  • Improved optimization procedures, including stochastic evaluation of expressions
  • Generation of characteristic formulas
  • Multi-language code generation (Mathematica, Fortran/Fortran 90, C/C++ and others)
  • Includes command-line Visual Studio C compiler via WSTP (Wolfram Symbolic Transfer Protocol)
  • Advanced user interface
  • Advanced methods for exploring and debugging of generated formulas
  • Provides direction on special procedures for nonlocal operations
  • Automatic interface to multiple numerical environments (AceFEM, FEAP, ELFEN, ABAQUS, etc.)