Experimental Data Analyst
Experimental Data Analyst
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Data Fitting
  • Least-Square Linear Fitting with Arbitrary Basis Functions

  • Nonlinear Fitting Using the Levenberg-Marquardt Iterative Algorithm

  • Parameter Estimation in Spectra Peaks

  • Data Fitting with Outliers Using the Median or Weighted Residuals

  • Data Smoothing with Averaging Techniques, Fourier Filters, or Loess Fitting

Error Analysis
  • Error Estimation in the Fit Parameters

  • Errors in Both Coordinates of the Data

  • Value Adjustment for Significant Figures

  • Errors Combined in Quadrature

Data Visualization and Transformation
  • Histograms

  • Box Plots

  • Error Coordinates Automatically Displayed

  • ListPlot Extension

Reading and Using Data
  • ASCII or Binary Format Importing and Exporting

  • Real Experimental Data from a Variety of Fields