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  • Generalized coordinate-based modeling of mechanisms with open and closed graphs
  • Automatic generation of non-redundant, loop-closing equations for single and multiple loops
  • Parametrized linkage definitions
  • Flexible and user-extensible LinkageData data object, which stores all information associated with a mechanism
  • Copying, joining and merging mechanisms with LinkageData manipulation
  • Calculation of kinematic properties of links, such as velocity, angular velocity, acceleration or higher-order derivatives, as closed-form algebraic expressions or numerically
  • Visualizing and animating linkages in 3D or projecting to 2D
  • Export linkage and animation of linkages to VRML97 or X3D world
  • Extensive support of geometric and kinematic modeling of gear and gear-train
  • Static analysis of linkages
  • Dynamical analysis of linkages
  • Interactive linkage definition application (LinkageCAD)
  • Extensive support for dimensional synthesis and classification of four-bar mechanisms