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MathCode C++
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  • Generates readable code, using operator overloading in C++
  • Compilation of generated code from within Mathematica
  • Seamless installation of generated code in Mathematica
  • Convenient switching between internal and generated code
  • Simple syntax for specifying types in generated code
  • Automatic symbolic expansion and subexpression elimination
  • Customization by user-defined Mathematica rules that are interleaved in the code generation process
  • Easier syntax for array slicing supported both in Mathematica and in the generated code, which simplifies extraction of columns or submatrices
  • Straightforward syntax for interfacing external functions, including argument type, order, and "call by reference"
  • Support for interpolating functions
  • Mathematica lists and matrices are represented using the LightMat C++ class library, giving:
    • High readability and efficiency by using C++ templates and operator overloading
    • Separate implementation for each matrix and list type for highest performance
    • Optimized standard operations on lists and matrices
    • Column major order representation for easy interfacing to numerical packages in C++