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MathCode F90
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New in Version 1.2.9

  • Support for Mathematica and Wolfram Language 10 and 11

New in Version 1.2.6

  • Support for Mathematica 9
  • Support for gfortran F90 compiler
  • Support for external functions written in Fortran 90

New in Version 1.2.4

MathCode F90 v1.2.4 is compatible with Mathematica 8. The new version is a minor update that improves compatibility and adds more convenient features for the users. Visual C++ 2010 and Intel Fortran for Linux are now among the supported compilers.

  • Support for Mathematica 8 (Caution: the old free mingw32 C++ compiler from 1998 cannot be used within Mathematica 8)
  • Support for Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2010
  • Support for Mac OSX 64-bit Mathematica releases
  • Linux Intel Fortran (for MathCode F90 1.2.4 only)


  • Line and column number is added to many error messages related to symbols in Mathematica code
  • Better diagnostics when license errors and license key mismatch occur
  • Better warnings on problems during compilation
  • Several new demos

Mathematica Construct Support

  • Allowed an iterator without list constructor
  • Better diagnostics of Import[] during compilation
  • Can handle explicit list constructors for up to 100 elements (was 10 before)
  • Stricter type compatibility check for return expressions
  • Better diagnostics for Sum[] calls
  • Warn about SetShape() function in runtime library that cannot change the shape of copy of array fragment