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New in Version 2

Completely revised algorithms, including the following new features:
  • Choice of two global sampling methods, adding flexibility in sampling
  • More powerful global search, which can also include local searches
  • Choice of two local search methods
  • Ability to inspect all global and local search results
  • Efficient handling of listable functions
  • Increased solver reliability
  • Typical solution speed increased by over an order of magnitude
  • Completely revised and updated documentation, with an extensive set of examples
Product Features
  • Able to do nonlinear global and local optimization
  • Sound search strategies with efficient implementations
  • Robust and efficient global/local solver suite
  • Able to define optimization models by arbitrary continuous functions
  • Two different solver packages with a solver integrator that supports their individual or combined use
  • Mere continuity of the optimization model functions is sufficient to solve problems; derivative or higher-order information is not required