SmartCAE Heat Transmission
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SmartCAE Heat Transmission

Simulation Software for Heat Transmission


Mathematica 8 compatible The application SmartCAE Heat Transmission simulates heat transmission through a layered wall. This is particularly useful for industrial applications, R&D, and education. The package extends Mathematica for the calculation of flow thermal problems; it can also be used with Wolfram Player Pro.


  • Calculation of steady and transient heat transmissions through walls
  • Any number of layers and materials
  • Expandable material data in Excel files with thermodynamic data and material costs
  • Boundary conditions for convection/radiation/heat flow individually and in combination
  • Input of boundary conditions as formulas or data files
  • Short computing time and interactive use
  • Programmable in Mathematica for use with Wolfram Player Pro
  • Easy-to-use individually tailored graphical interface
  • Many output options:
    • Temperature as a function of time and place
    • Heat flux as a function of time at the boundaries
    • 3D and Plot of isotherms
    • Heat content
    • Average layer temperature
    • Maximum and minimum layer temperatures
  • Documentation in English and German

About the Developer
Stefan Braun is the developer of Industrial Thermics, Industrial Optimization, Industrial Electromagnetism, SmartCAE Heat Transmission, SmartCAE Laser Transmission Welding, SmartCAE Graphics, and SmartCAE-FAB. SmartCAE's focus is on industrial applications of Mathematica, and it has done over 100 industrial projects with Mathematica.

Product Support
SmartCAE Heat Transmission is developed and supported by Stefan Braun.

Stefan Braun
Am Mitterfeld 3
D-81829 Munich
fax: +49-(0)89-43738061

SmartCAE Heat Transmission requires Mathematica 7 or 8, Mathematica Player Pro 6 or 7, or Wolfram Player Pro 8 and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

SmartCAE Heat Transmission is © 2011 SmartCAE Stefan Braun.

Note: Contact the developer for trial information.