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Mechanical Engineering

Use System Modeler to model and simulate dynamics problems including mechanisms and machinery with kinematic, dynamic, and thermal behaviors. Study and solve vibration problems.

Kinematics: Analyze a Car Jump

Use the concept of kinematics to understand a stunt car jump and simulate daring scenarios. Visualize the jump from different reference frames, like the audience, the car or a moving helicopter.

Model of the Car Jump

The model consists of a car jumping over a moving helicopter with the help of a ramp. The motion is observed from different reference frames, like a stationary person sitting in the audience or an object sitting on the helicopter blade.

Model of the car stunt jump.

Analyze the Impact of Different Parameters

Test the impact of different parameters and answer questions such as what the minimum velocity of the car should be to jump over the moving helicopter, what the minimum ramp angle should be, and what distance is required to achieve the desired velocity.

Animation of the car stunt jump.

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