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Wind Turbine Gearbox

Planetary gears find common usage in applications demanding high torque. They comprise three key elements: the central sun gear, planet gears affixed to a carrier and the surrounding ring gear. Positioned at the center, the sun gear serves as the focal point, while the planet gears orbit around it. This example delves into the backlash effects that induce vibrations during the initial stages of motion.
Animation of the forces inside the wind turbine gearbox.

Model of the Wind Turbine Gearbox

The rotor is mounted to the planet carrier, keeping an angular velocity around 19.3 rpm. The ring wheel is fixed. The sun wheel is connected to the shaft that leads to the gearbox. The outgoing shaft from this gearbox is driving a generator at 1500 rpm. The total gear ratio from start to finish is 77.8.

Model of the wind turbine gearbox.

Simulate Backlash during Gear Engagement

The following figure shows that there are small ripples in the planetary wheel because of the gear mesh configurations. The amplitude and its frequency may vary by the backlash and shaft speeds.

Backlash during startup.
Overall simulation of the wind turbine gearbox model.

Model Backlash in a Wind Turbine Gearbox