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Industrial Manufacturing

Model new manufacturing processes prior to implementation or existing ones in order to diagnose problems. Use Mathematica for analyses including pre- and post-processing of models, simulations, and results.

Analyze Bouncing Problems in a Printing Press

Analyze configurations in which bouncing of the cylinders occurs in a flexographic printing press. Bouncing occurs when the cylinders lose contact with each other during the printing, resulting in unsatisfactory printing results.

Create Custom Components

Use the built-in tools to create custom components for the parts of the printing press.

Show Results Easily

Plot the vibrations of the plate cylinder and whether it is in contact with the impression cylinder.

0.5 mm bearing play: no bouncing
0.6 mm bearing play: moderate bouncing
0.8 mm bearing play: extreme bouncing

Model with Drag-and-Drop

Drag components from the library browser to the modeling area to create the printing press model.

Compare Different Scenarios

With a bearing play of 0.6 or 0.8 mm, contact between the plate and impression cylinders is lost, and bouncing occurs.