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Modular Synthesizers

Have you thought about making your own music instruments? This example shows how you can design sound using virtual modular synthesizers.

The Hardware

Modular synthesizer is a mashup of different components. Each module has a basic function like an oscillator, filter and envelope generator. These modules are connected together to imitate existing sounds or create new ones. The following image shows the hardware implementation of a Sallen-Key filter, an oscillator and a mixer.

The Wolfram MathCore team made these boards as souvenirs for the Wolfram Technology Conference in 2019.

The Model

The Sallen-key filter is modelled and tested in Wolfram System Modeler. It mostly uses reusable components from the Modelica Standard Library . Other modules can be modeled in the same way.

Model diagram of the Sallen-Key filter

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Techno Music

Using such basic components, it is possible to create and test different music without the limits of the hardware. The following image shows a model that generates Techno music.

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Learn the workflow used from design to hardware implementation.

This loop consist of three voices: one kick drum, one bass synthesizer and one hi-hat synthesizer. All of them are combined using a mixer and recorded directly to a WAV file.

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