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Tony Aristeidou

Tony Aristeidou

Coming from a background in theoretical physics and a lot of pen-and-paper calculations, Antonis (Tony) Aristeidou discovered the power computation holds within physics during his bachelor’s thesis, where he undertook his first major programming project of writing a path integral Monte Carlo simulator for quantum-mechanical systems, based on Feynman’s formulation of quantum mechanics. Tony found Wolfram Language to be essential for both efficient programming and proof-of-concept tests. Now building his computer science knowledge and programming experience, he aims to one day return to academic physics and try to tackle problems in the field, while furthering its use of virtual computation to solve very physical and very real problems.

As a technical consultant at Wolfram Research Europe, Tony works on both internal (company) and external (customer) consultancy projects and also provides technical support to the Computer-Based Maths project. Tony’s academic background and practical experience along with recent instructor certification allow him to deliver Wolfram trainings and courses on a wide range of topics.


Wolfram Research Europe Ltd.


BSc (Hons) in Theoretical Physics, Swansea University


English, Greek


Physics, maths, quantum computing, physics engines & simulation, AI and AI-aided physics simulation, music