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Visualization & Graphics

Visualization is a key step in analyzing and working with data. It is possible to create simple, easy-to-customize visualizations and even automate the process for a variety of data from multiple different sources. Learn how you can include great-looking visualizations in everything from personal data explorations to reports and academic papers.

These courses help you create cognitively and aesthetically compelling visuals and infographics. They also explain how to interactively share any type of data, including stylized plots, charts, 3D graphics and dynamic visualizations. Certification opportunities are available for proficiency in data science and visual explorations using Wolfram Language as well as for completion of specific courses.

Upcoming Events

  • Oct 5 | Online

    Quick Start to Wolfram Tech

    This course introduces core technologies for getting started quickly with the Wolfram technology stack. Learn to work with Wolfram Notebooks in the cloud as well as on your desktop and familiarize yourself with the syntax and programming fundamentals of Wolfram Language.

  • Oct 12 | Online

    Data Visualization with Wolfram Language

    This course shows how to quickly visualize different data structures and how to make your graphics ready to publish and share.

  • Nov 1–3 | Online

    Wolfram Virtual Technology Conference

    See the newest releases, developments and features in Wolfram Language and the Wolfram technology stack. The virtual conference provides opportunities for in-depth discussions with the Wolfram R&D team, staff and developers; common-interest group meet-ups and pre-conference training workshops.