Wolfram U

STEM Classroom

Knowledge-based computing can be used by students, instructors and developers to integrate computational learning into the STEM classroom as well as other course subjects. Find examples of interactive demonstrations and computation with real-world data.

These courses show how the Wolfram technology stack, with its expansive collection of Wolfram Language built-in functions, its curated knowledgebase and the interactive notebook interface, can be used to build student understanding, computational skills and an improved learning experience. Certification opportunities are available for proficiency in STEM subject areas as well as for completion of specific courses.

Upcoming Events

  • Apr 3–Apr 14 | Online

    Daily Study Group: Introduction to Statistics

    Follows lessons from the upcoming Wolfram U comprehensive statistics course. Topics are those typically found in introductory statistics courses and serve as great preparation for further study as well as the AP Statistics Exam.

  • Apr 6 | Online

    Computational Xplorations

    This free introductory course demonstrates how to interactively explore nearly any field using computation. See additional course details, including more upcoming dates, on the course catalog page.

  • Apr 17–May 5 | Online

    Daily Study Group: Introduction to Calculus

    Follows lessons, exercises and quizzes from the Wolfram U comprehensive introduction to calculus course and provides excellent preparation for the AP Calculus AB exam.