Wolfram U

Programming & Applications

Learn to develop and deploy a useful application in minutes and how to build a major production system in days. Find out about the advantages of using a knowledge-based symbolic language that supports a variety of programming paradigms.

These courses offer topics for beginners and more advanced programmers. The beginner-level courses are meant to introduce new users to Wolfram Language basics. Higher-level courses are aimed at more experienced users to improve their understanding of specific features of the language and to help them create scalable programs for immediate deployment, both locally and in the cloud. Certification opportunities are available for proficiency in using Wolfram Language as well as for completion of specific courses.

Upcoming Events

  • Jul 2 | Online

    Wolfram Language Programming Fundamentals

    This course teaches the fundamental concepts of programming in Wolfram Language. It features concise lecture sections, self-check exercises and tips for writing Wolfram Language code. Basic familiarity with Wolfram Language or introductory-level skill in any programming language is recommended.

  • Jul 9 | Online

    Practical Programming with Wolfram Language

    This course provides the knowledge, tools and guidance to efficiently create and maintain Wolfram Language projects. This course is designed for Wolfram Language users who are ready to move beyond the fundamentals and create their own programs and interfaces.

  • Jul 16 | Online

    Programming and Development in Wolfram Language

    Learn about advanced programming and development concepts in Wolfram Language. This course is the third and final part of the programming proficiency course sequence, following Programming Fundamentals and Practical Programming.