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Machine Learning

Learn about popular machine learning paradigms for classification, regression, clustering and anomaly detection as well as the usefulness of an automated framework that handles everything from feature extraction to performance evaluation. See how you can select pre-trained neural net models from a repository to apply to your own data, customize existing models or build models from scratch with the help of a symbolic framework.

These courses cover many different topics, starting with introductory machine learning concepts and Wolfram Language built-in functions and diving into the complexities of building and training neural networks. Earn course completion certificates and prepare for Wolfram Language Level 1 certification.

Upcoming Events

  • May 18 | Online

    Introduction to Machine Learning in Wolfram Language

    This course introduces the easy-to-use machine learning superfunctions available in Wolfram Language. See additional course details, including more upcoming dates, on the course catalog page.

  • Jul 24- Aug 4 | Online

    Data Science Boot Camp

    Learn how to leverage the capabilities of Wolfram Language to deliver world-class data science results in this two-week online boot camp.