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Mads Bahrami

Mads Bahrami

A Wolfram Certified Instructor since 2020, Mads Bahrami is the Manager of Educational Programs and Outreach at Wolfram. He is also a director of Wolfram educational summer programs and leads the Wolfram Quantum Computational Framework team.

Mads has strong experience in education and research. Prior to joining Wolfram, he was a chemistry professor, using Wolfram technology in his classes and research. He studied foundations of quantum theory in his graduate studies, followed by postdoc positions in Europe and the US. Mads is passionate about encouraging young students to learn computational languages and skills through various academic outreach programs.


Wolfram Research


BS in Pure Chemistry, MSc and PhD of Physical Chemistry
Sharif University of Technology, Iran


English, Persian (Farsi)


Quantum computing and information, computational thinking and educational software development