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Bruno Calado Ribeiro

Bruno Calado Ribeiro

Bruno Calado Ribeiro has used Mathematica since 2009. Impressed with Conrad Wolfram’s TED talk, Calado Ribeiro created and published a Brazilian Portuguese Mathematica website to be part of the change to improve the way math is taught. His website shares useful tips and promotes Mathematica usage in Brazil.

During his physics studies, Calado Ribeiro used programming languages, libraries, and specific programs such as Java, Python, Fortran 90+, C, Bash, SciPy, GNUplot, and Maple before discovering Mathematica. With Mathematica, he finds everything he needs in one place, including functions, pain-free matrix manipulation, a clean help system, and very good support. He has been incorporating Mathematica in all of his courses, acquiring knowledge of Mathematica and improving his performance in class. He leads Mathematica training courses in Brazil.


BS in Physics, University of São Paulo, Brazil (in progress)


Brazilian Portuguese, English


Applied physics, applied calculus, astronomy, genetic algorithms for solving nonlinear problems, programming, numerical computation