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Harry Calkins

Harry Calkins

Harry Calkins has used Mathematica extensively for the preparation of teaching materials and in classroom and computer lab settings. In addition, he has presented papers on the use of Mathematica in the classroom and instructed high school and college teachers on its use. He has also used Mathematica to create decorative tiling patterns and other art forms. He is an author of Wolfram Training General Mathematica and Data Science courses.

Calkins has spent over 25 years teaching university-level mathematics and five years teaching Native American art and ceremony. He has taught at the University of Washington, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Illinois State University. He has been a senior instructor and training developer with Wolfram Research since 2002.


Wolfram Research, Inc.


BA, San José State
MS in Mathematics, San José State




Cooking, art, non-Western music