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Roberto Cavaliere

Roberto Cavaliere

Roberto Cavaliere has been a Mathematica user since 1995, when he began his thesis work at University of Salerno, Italy, writing a control systems package integrating external Fortran routines into Mathematica by means of MathLink. Cavaliere has used Mathematica to develop educational software and user interfaces for non-programmers and those with no experience with the Wolfram Language.

Cavaliere worked for Wolfram Research for seven years as a technical support engineer and as an external consultant for the Italian reseller of Wolfram products. He has given more than 100 seminars, talks, and training courses around Italy and Europe, showing Mathematica in action in academic and professional domains. As an independent Mathematica consultant, he has participated in many Mathematica-based design and development projects. He is based in southern Italy (Salerno) but is available to travel and provide consultation in other countries, too.


Independent Mathematica Consultant, Salerno, Italy


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, University of Salerno, Italy


Italian, English


Software development, travel