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James Choi

James Choi

James Choi started using Mathematica during his PhD thesis research into acoustic emission at Northwestern University. He has lived, studied and worked around the world, picking up the local languages in Korea, Brazil, the United States and Japan. Following his academic career, he worked as a researcher at Rush University Medical Center, BorgWarner, Siemens, Aon and Motorola (all in the Greater Chicago region) on image processing and other pattern recognition problems.

For his next career phase, James entered the world of education. He created a 50-video lecture series in Korean, based on Stephen Wolfram’s book An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language, and he mentors middle- and high-school students who work on original research. He finds that the Wolfram Language offers the shortest path for his students from a “tabula rasa” state to finished research projects in diverse areas. He serves as a consultant to companies on manufacturing process automation using the Wolfram Language.

James Choi is the director of Wolfram High School Camp Seoul.


Independent Consultant


BS in Physics: University of Illinois at Chicago
MS in EECS: University of Illinois at Chicago
PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics: Northwestern University


English, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese


Computer-based math, physics education, automation of math homework and test grading