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Harald Farcas

Harald Farcas

While studying computer engineering at the THM Friedberg, Harald Farcas joined ADDITIVE GmbH in 2008. Because of his work in technical support and as an application programmer, he started to use Mathematica more extensively. He is interested in a wide field of Mathematica’s capabilities, from CUDA/OpenCL, HPC, C-programming, control engineering, and financial computation to designing GUIs and creating CDF/GUIs.

In 2010, he joined the ADDITIVE GmbH sales team and became responsible for the academic, commercial, and governmental sector of ADDITIVE’s Mathematica customers. Giving many talks and workshops was the perfect preparation for conducting Mathematica trainings, which he began doing in 2013.


ADDITIVE GmbH, Department of Software, Friedrichsdorf, Germany


German, English, Romanian


Applied mathematics, data analysis, mathematical modeling, programming, financial computation, system integration, HPC, CUDA/OpenCL and other programming languages, and handball