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L. Enrique Ferreras Garcia

L. Enrique Ferreras Garcia

Enrique Ferreras has been using the Wolfram Language intensively since 2013. Enrique uses Mathematica as an essential tool for his high-level consulting work at SolOpt S.A., where he is a founding partner. There, he optimizes real processes with solutions based on current scientific developments, through the implementation of algorithms programmed completely with Wolfram Mathematica.

With more than 20 years of experience as a consulting engineer in the fields of automation, robotics and optimization of industrial processes, Enrique has participated in a large number of projects in all industrial sectors, such as food processing, steelworks, aircraft and automobile assembly and refineries, as well as thermal power stations. He has formed part of professional teams from different countries and diverse disciplines of science and technology, where he has actively contributed to the success of the projects with innovative and transformative solutions.


SolOpt S.A. (Intelligent Optimization Solutions), Ecuador


Industrial Engineer, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería ICAI, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain


Spanish, English


Industrial process simulation and optimization, Industry 4.0, advanced use of big and small data, neural networks, artificial intelligence, data visualization, parallel computing, complex systems