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Rory Foulger

Rory Foulger

Rory Foulger is an instructional designer and technologist at Wolfram Research, working mostly with education programs aimed at middle-school, high-school and early college students. Rory is a Wolfram certified instructor leading Daily Study Groups and serves as the director of the Wolfram Middle School Summer Camp, the Wolfram High School Summer Camp and the Wolfram Emerging Leaders Program. They have been using the Wolfram Language to design educational resources since 2018, creating fun, hands-on guided projects and lesson plans for students.

Rory studied computational sciences at Minerva University, with a concentration in data science and artificial intelligence, and is currently pursuing a masters degree in education and technology at University College London. Their teaching experience is broad and ranges from teaching preschoolers to read to mentoring gifted teenagers in STEM, to delivering hands-on seminars at the undergraduate level. Rory is passionate about designing active learning and project-based learning experiences and aims to inspire young people from all backgrounds to find their feet in STEM.


Wolfram Research


BSc in Computational Sciences with Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Minerva University
MA in Education and Technology, University College London (pending)




Instructional design, alternative pedagogy, project-based learning, educational philosophy and education technology development