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Jesús Hernández

Jesús Hernández

A Wolfram certified instructor since 2012, Jesús Hernández is a principal consultant with Wolfram Solutions. His PhD and postdoctoral work were in the area of theoretical atomic physics, including Rydberg physics and ultra-fast laser and atom/molecule physics. Prior to joining Wolfram Solutions, Jesús contributed to the Wolfram vertical strategies and partnerships teams and was a member of the Wolfram Technology Group.

Jesús has experience teaching in the high-school classroom as part of the NSF Graduate STEM Fellows in K–12 Education (GK–12) Program. At Wolfram, Jesús develops innovative computational solutions for clients and presents courses and technical talks on a variety of topics.


Wolfram Research, Inc., Champaign, Illinois


BS in Mathematics and Physics, Kansas State University
PhD in Physics, Auburn University




Cooking, listening to almost all forms of music and watching favorite sports teams inevitably lose