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Jack In-Jay Houng

Jack In-Jay Houng

Jack is the founder of Jack Houng Media Research (R@JHM). R@JHM provides consulting on the Wolfram Language for companies and various educational entities in Taiwan. Jack became a Wolfram certified instructor in January 2021 and will be teaching courses in Chinese and English online and offline in Taiwan.

A user of Mathematica since Version 2.0, Jack is knowledgeable in data analysis and visualization, web design (WYSIWYG and JavaScript), graphics design and some Objective C on iOS. He has professional interests in digital media, dynamic systems and the Internet of Things.

Jack has taught and assisted in undergraduate physics courses, high-school digital photography and image processing classes and Mathematica training courses at a local engineering graduate program.


Jack Houng Media Research


Master's degree in Physics, University of Colorado Boulder
EMBA, Golden Gate University


English, Mandarin and Taiwanese


Sketching, photography, volleyball, observational astronomy