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Éric Jacopin

Éric Jacopin

Éric Jacopin discovered Mathematica during his first-year doctorate internship at the Stanford University Robotics Laboratory in 1989. He then developed an analysis package for use in the artificial intelligence field of planning, which he distributed with a planning system that he had developed within the framework of his master’s thesis (1994-2001). Since 1999, he has studied the satisfiability of Boolean formulas, mainly to generate interesting examples for teaching. In addition, Jacopin uses Mathematica extensively in his courses at the Military Special School of Saint-Cyr for an introduction to the degree of difficulty of algorithmic (Turing machine) problem-solving and for object-oriented programming, for which he implemented an object layer built on the ObjVlisp model.

Jacopin has taught various algorithmic languages (Pascal, Ada), object-oriented languages (Common Lisp Object System, C++), and functional languages (Scheme, Lisp, Mathematica) at various levels, from college to master, and in engineering school.


Research Center of the Special Military School of Saint-Cyr


PhD in Computer Science, The University of Paris VI
Research Director Accreditation, Computer Science, The University of Paris VI


French, English