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Mariusz Jankowski

Mariusz Jankowski

Mariusz Jankowski has used Mathematica and the Wolfram Language since 1995 and is a developer of image processing functionality in the language. He is a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Southern Maine, where he uses the state-of-the-art algebraic, numerical and graphical capabilities of the Wolfram Language to help students overcome some of the barriers they face in mastering the concepts and techniques commonly encountered in the study of signal and image processing and related areas.

Dr. Jankowski has 30 years of university teaching experience and has received awards from the National Science Foundation, Ames Laboratory, Wolfram Research and University of Southern Maine. His primary research interests are in the field of digital image processing , including image enhancement, segmentation, shape description and recognition, with application to biomedical imaging and computer vision. He is an author of the course Signals, Systems and Signal Processing.


University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine


BE in Electrical Engineering, The City College of New York
PhD in Electrical Engineering, The City University of New York


English, Polish


Image processing, software development with Mathematica, soccer, tennis, summer (I live in Maine!)