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Arben Kalziqi

Arben Kalziqi

Arben Kalziqi is a content developer and instructor with the Wolfram U team. He has been a Wolfram Certified Instructor since 2021 and a user of the Wolfram Language for over a decade. Arben develops, updates and presents content for various Wolfram U courses, study groups and boot camps and mentors students at Wolfram summer programs. Prior to joining the Wolfram U team, Arben worked in Wolfram’s Partnerships group, where he helped students, instructors and app developers integrate Wolfram technology into their curricula and applications.

Arben received his PhD in the area of the physics of living systems, with a particular focus on the emergent statistical mechanics of bacterial biofilms. Simultaneously—as well as during his undergraduate studies—he held teaching roles nearly every semester, working with technical and nontechnical students to help them understand the foundational ideas of physics in an intuitive way. Outside the classroom, Arben provided one-on-one tutoring in mathematics and physics as a private tutor. In his own coursework and research, he found the Wolfram Language to be an indispensable tool and sought to incorporate it into his teaching. Arben remains a passionate communicator who deeply enjoys helping others to achieve their goals—or explore their hobbies—with the help of the Wolfram Language.


Wolfram Research, Inc., Champaign, Illinois


BS in Physics, University of Texas at Austin
PhD in Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology




Tutoring, audio, coffee