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Rasmus Kamper

Rasmus Kamper

Rasmus Kamper has used Mathematica extensively during studies and for the development of teaching material. He is currently responsible for training a group of high school teachers in the use of Mathematica and other software packages. He also has some experience in developing applications for webMathematica.

Kamper spent two years as a teaching assistant at the Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo. He has 10 years of experience teaching mathematics at the high school level, including 7 years of teaching the International Baccalaureate (IB) Mathematics courses.


Robert College, Istanbul, Turkey


BA in Mathematics and Philosophy, University of Oslo, Norway
MS in Mathematics, University of Oslo, Norway—specialized in integration theory, axiomatic set theory, and logic, with thesis on cantor sets
Further studies in mathematics and statistics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


English, Danish, Norwegian, some Turkish


Mathematical explorations of many kinds, traveling, photography, music, literature, world history, philosophy