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Qutaibeh Katatbeh

Qutaibeh Katatbeh

Qutaibeh Katatbeh has used Mathematica extensively in his research areas of spectral theory, spectral bounds for Schrödinger operators, and eigenvalue problems, and in the areas of computational and mathematical physics. He has used Mathematica in his teaching projects and in the research for most of his publications. He established a Mathematica training center in the Middle East, supported by the International Bank, at Jordan University of Science and Technology.

Katatbeh was appointed as a research professor in the department of mathematics and statistics at Concordia University in 2003, and promoted to assistant professor in 2004. Currently he is an assistant professor at Jordan University of Science and Technology. He teaches a wide range of topics, including numerical analysis, partial differential equations, differential equations, functional analysis, quantum mechanics, and special functions. In addition to his busy class schedule, Katatbeh works with graduate students to generate a Mathematica database for mathematical materials, an e-learning project. He is also a member of a supervisory committee for PhD students modeling soil contamination at Concordia University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He is the coauthor of a book on integral equations.


Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan


BS in Mathematics, Yarmouk University, Jordan
MS in Mathematics, Yarmouk University, Jordan
PhD in Mathematics, Concordia University, Montréal, Canada


English, Arabic


Computational and theoretical physics, applied mathematics, mathematical modeling, applications of special functions, physics and mathematics courseware design, fauna, flora, environment, travel