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Vitaliy Kaurov

Vitaliy Kaurov

Vitaliy Kaurov has been using Mathematica in education and research since the late 1990s. Combining its symbolic and numeric power, he was able to discover and describe novel soliton states called atomic Josephson vortices. During his teaching years, Dr. Kaurov extensively used Mathematica, the Wolfram Demonstrations Project, and Wolfram|Alpha in his physics and mathematics lectures.

Dr. Kaurov received his PhD in theoretical physics from The City University of New York in the area of ultra-cold quantum gases and also worked in the fields of complex systems and nonlinear dynamics. He collaborated in National Science Foundation-sponsored research and was a professor at the College of Staten Island. Currently, Dr. Kaurov is a member of the Technical Communications and Strategy team at Wolfram Research. He designs and presents many technical talks and courses and participates in US, international, and virtual events related to Wolfram Technologies. Dr. Kaurov is also an instructor at the Wolfram Science Summer School, publishes at the Wolfram Demonstrations Project, and writes for the Wolfram Blog.


Wolfram Research


BS in Physics, Odessa National Mechnickov University
PhD in Physics, The City University of New York


English, Russian, Ukrainian


Physics, complex systems, mathematics, philosophy, arts, sports