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Benjamin Odgers

Benjamin Odgers

Ben Odgers works at Attura as a principal consultant focusing on advanced analytics. He has been using Wolfram Language since 2004 in research, banking and education.

Ben has utilized Wolfram Language to provide numerical backing for theoretical conjectures in number theory and random matrix theory at the University of Bristol and the American Institute of Mathematics. In banking, at both Macquarie Group and ANZ he performed complex tasks with Wolfram Language, including greenfield prototyping, automating the discovery of data anomalies and running stress tests and simulations for problems in risk management, capital, funding and liquidity. He has also leveraged Wolfram Language to build tailored, interactive reports for hundreds of users across teams, divisions and countries. Ben has given guest talks at high schools and universities on topics ranging from mathematics, finance and big data to academic versus corporate life and project management. Ben continues to work in the fields of mathematics, banking and education.


Atturra, Sydney, Australia


Bachelor's in Actuarial Studies and Science, Macquarie University
PhD in Mathematics from the University of Bristol




Awarded Life Membership of the Macquarie University Hockey Club, for contributions as player and coach.