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Ailton Andrade de Oliveira

Ailton Andrade de Oliveira

Ailton Andrade de Oliveira has used Mathematica since 1997 and is an active member of several social networks discussing and promoting Mathematica usage in Brazil.

Oliveira began as a teaching assistant in 1996 for undergraduate programming classes at the University of São Paulo. He has been a teaching assistant in Mathematica laboratory classes at the university and has worked as a software trainer. His professional experience with information technology consulting includes government, faculty and financial institutions. This contact with both the academic and the corporate sector in Brazil is reflected in and enriches his classes.


São Paulo, Brazil


BS in Applied Mathematics, University of São Paulo, Brazil
MSc in Neuroscience and Cognition, UFABC, Brazil


Portuguese, English


Applied mathematics, fractals, paraconsistent logic, neuroscience, astronomy, philosophy, science fiction