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Duncan Pettengill

Duncan Pettengill

Duncan Pettengill has been a member of the Wolfram Technology Group since October 2018. He provides technical support to Wolfram Language users, acts as a consultant on various external projects, provides content for articles on support.wolfram.com, develops internal training material and has worked on some small projects for internal use by the Wolfram Technology Group.

Duncan’s PhD research was in string theory with a focus on AdS/CFT, and he has a more casual interest in cryptography and number theory. He served as a teaching assistant throughout most of graduate school, conducting lab sessions and tutoring. He has been a certified instructor with Wolfram Research since early 2019.


Wolfram Research, Inc.


BS in Physics and Mathematics, University of Massachusetts Lowell

PhD in Physics, University of Wisconsin–Madison


English, some German and French


Nature photography, game development in Unreal Engine and giant monster movies.