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Yuting Qiu

Yuting Qiu

Yuting Qiu has been a member of the Wolfram Technology Group since mid-2021. Prior to joining the group, she worked as a horticultural data curator for Wolfram|Alpha. Yuting has an academic background in plant science, with a focus on crop pathology and statistical analysis.

In her current role at Wolfram, Yuting provides support for user queries related to Wolfram Language and works on various consulting projects. Yuting has successfully delivered several webinars to audiences in China, participated in Wolfram Summer Camp as a teaching assistant, contributes instructional content to Wolfram Daily Study Groups and is a Wolfram certified instructor.


Wolfram Research


MS in Crop Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
MS in Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology (expected in 2024)


English, Chinese


Climbing, cooking, reading