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Philip Ramsden

Philip Ramsden

Philip Ramsden has been a Mathematica user since Version 1. He uses Mathematica with university students in dynamical systems research and as a prototyping environment for the development of courseware in Java and Flash. Ramsden enjoys participating in Wolfram Technology Conferences, and has attended Mathematica Developer Conferences and the 1998 Worldwide Mathematica Conference. He serves on the International Committee of the International Mathematica Symposium, and hosted this conference in 2003. He is coauthor of the textbook Experiments in Undergraduate Mathematics: A Mathematica-Based Approach, published by Imperial College Press.

Ramsden has been teaching mathematics at the high school and university levels since 1985. He currently leads a team developing courseware materials, and uses Mathematica extensively in his teaching and training.


Imperial College London, United Kingdom


MA in Mathematics, University of Cambridge
MS in Applicable Mathematics, Queen Mary University of London


English, French, some German and Spanish


Nonlinear oscillators, discretization, nonlinear control, courseware design, informal syntaxes, educational applications