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Gustavo Restrepo

Gustavo Restrepo

Gustavo Restrepo is a chemical engineer who started using Mathematica during his doctoral studies in 2008, modeling complex phenomena of heat and mass transfer and chemical reactions that take place inside a thermochemical recuperator. Working as a process engineer in the energy and chemical industry, Restrepo has used the Wolfram Language to model heat loss and transfer in separators and tanks and study dynamic behavior of control loops. More recently, he has used the Wolfram Language in the courses he teaches at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, as an essential tool for dynamic process modeling and for solving differential equations in heat transfer problems.

Restrepo, with other colleagues, founded Exergetika, a computational thinking–based company. At Exergetika, he applies his knowledge of the Wolfram Language to solve engineering problems and to create computational tools to perform and optimize engineering calculations.


Exergetika, Colombia


Chemical Engineering, National University of Colombia
PhD in Industrial Thermal Engineering, Moscow Power Engineering Institute


Spanish, Russian, English


Process modeling, energy efficiency, chemical and process engineering, computational thinking, history, Russian literature, mountaineering, trekking and cycling