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J. Guillermo Sánchez León

J. Guillermo Sánchez León

J. Guillermo Sánchez León has been using Mathematica in education and research since 1991, and has participated in many research projects and published papers in which Mathematica has been a fundamental tool. In the summer of 1999 he was a Visiting Scholar at Wolfram Research and has participated as a Mathematica pre-release tester since Version 5. Guillermo Sánchez gives frequent seminars and training courses about Mathematica. He is the author of the book Mathematica Beyond Mathematics: The Wolfram Language in the Real World, where he takes a look at a wide array of topics, from astrophysics to stock quotes in finance, using the newest capabilities of Mathematica and the Wolfram Language, such as curated datasets, entities, machine learning and more.

Guillermo Sánchez works at Enusa Industrias Avanzadas (ENUSA), where he has developed applications using Mathematica and webMathematica. He also teaches Mathematics and Computation at Salamanca University.


Universidad de Salamanca and ENUSA, Spain


PhD in Mathematics (Universidad de Salamanca), MS in Physics (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Mining Engineer (Universidad de Córdoba)


Spanish, English, some French


Science, popular science writing and tales, traveling