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Mahendra Singh Bisht

Mahendra Singh Bisht

Mahendra joined SCUBE in 2016 and has been associated with Wolfram Mathematica since that time. Mahendra provides training classes and workshops on Mathematica and the Wolfram Language to various research institutes and universities in India. He has interests in parallel computation, modeling, simulation and interactive visualization. He also admires Wolfram|Alpha, the computational search engine, especially how it uses algorithms to provide step-by-step solutions to mathematical queries. Mahendra is a certified RHEL Engineer and Administrator who has programming experience with the Wolfram Language, C, C++ and SQL.


SCUBE Scientific Software Solutions (P) Ltd


B.tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, HMRITM, Guru Gobind Singh University, New Delhi


English, Hindi, Sanskrit


Music, nature, adventure sports, soccer and badminton