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Simon Tyler

Simon Tyler

Simon Tyler first encountered Mathematica in 1999 as an undergraduate at the University of Tasmania and used it extensively for both numerical and symbolic parts of his honors (4th year) thesis. All of his published and unpublished PhD work has used Mathematica to some extent, with his work on goldstinos published with an accompanying Mathematica notebook that enables anyone to repeat or extend the calculations. Simon tries to be an active member in the Mathematica community on stack overflow.

Simon has lectured and tutored for a second-year applied mathematics course at the University of Western Australia. This course, taught for many years by Paul Abbott, has a strong component on the use of Mathematica in problem solving. Simon has also tutored a wide range of other mathematics and physics courses, both at the University of Western Australia and as a private tutor.


BSc in Mathematics and Physics, University of Tasmania




Quantum field theory, computational and theoretical physics