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Mario Veruete

Mario Veruete

Mario Veruete started using Mathematica in 2007 and has used it since in his applied mathematics research and his teaching. The Wolfram Language has been present at each step of his research, from observational astronomy and signal processing to epidemiology and functional analysis. In addition, he uses Wolfram SystemModeler for optimal control of dynamical systems. Last but not least, the Wolfram Language enables him to present mathematical concepts to his students in a highly interactive way. Veruete has computer skills in many programming languages and has long been self-taught in his learning of the Wolfram Language, starting with simple documentation and going deeper with Wolfram’s online special events and with many books and manuals.


Institut Montpelliérain Alexander Grothendieck, France


M.Sc. Applied Mathematics, the University of Montpellier
BS, Mathematics, the University of Montpellier


English, French, Italian, Spanish


Mathematics, computer science, physics, signal processing, engineering, seismology and epidemiology