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David Withoff

David Withoff

David Withoff has been using the Wolfram Language since the release of Mathematica 1.2 in 1989, initially in his own research in theoretical physics, and later as a developer of packages and internal code for early versions of Mathematica. At Wolfram Research, he has been involved in creating documentation and in writing and presenting training courses, and is a former manager of the technical support group.

He received his PhD in theoretical physics in 1988. In addition to his work at Wolfram Research, David has taught introductory statistics and computational physics at the university level, where he regularly used Wolfram Language examples in lectures and to create illustrations and demonstrations. He is currently concentrating on creating general courseware using Wolfram Notebooks and the Wolfram Language.


Wolfram Research, Inc.


PhD in Physics, University of Illinois




Educational software and software documentation