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Andrey Zelenitsya

Andrey Zelenitsya

Andrey Zelenitsya is a director of Bakotech Ltd, where his main business responsibilities are trade compliance, logistics, customs clearance, and certification. Nevertheless, a considerable part of his time is devoted to speaking about and running training sessions for Mathematica, the Wolfram Language, SystemModeler, and Wolfram|Alpha.

Andrey had his first encounter with Mathematica in 2010. Step by step, his curiosity has transformed into true enthusiasm for mastery of the Wolfram Language. In 2012, he took up a challenge to translate the Wolfram Language online documentation into Ukrainian and Russian. Now available as a free virtual book, the Ukrainian and Russian documentation can be downloaded from the Resources section of http://www.wolfram.com/russia.


Bakotech Ltd, Kiev, Ukraine


Industrial Management, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Kiev, Ukraine


Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, English


Wolfram Language application development, mostly in the sectors that rarely use math methods and modern programming tools