Visualization: Labels, Scales, Exclusions

Point-Feature Labeling System

Labeling scattered points with labels of varying lengths can be challenging if done manually. The new labeling system provides an automatic solution.

Here is an example plotting GDP versus population for all European countries.

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options = {ImageSize -> 550, PlotTheme -> "Detailed", PlotLabel -> "GDP vs. Population for European Countries", FrameLabel -> {"Population", "GDP"}, LabelStyle -> 10, PlotStyle -> PointSize[0.01], PlotRangePadding -> Scaled[.06]};
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countries = CountryData["Europe"]; allCountryData = DeleteMissing[ EntityValue[CountryData["Europe"], {"Population", "GDP", "Name"}], 1, Infinity];

Show 20 examples with automatic point-feature labeling.

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ListLogLogPlot[ allCountryData[[1 ;; 20, {1, 2}]] -> allCountryData[[1 ;; 20, 3]], options]

When the points are too concentrated and too many, using labels combined with a legend can work well.

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legend = Multicolumn[ Table[Text@ Row[{ToString[i] <> ".", allCountryData[[i]][[3]]}, " "], {i, Length[allCountryData]}], 5];
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Legended[ListLogLogPlot[allCountryData[[All, {1, 2}]], LabelingFunction -> (First@#2 &), options], Placed[legend, Bottom]]

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