Interactivity & Interface Design

From simple toolbars to complex applications, Mathematica makes developing and deploying user interfaces easy. With automatic interface construction, symbolic specification of control elements, generalized input, and more, Mathematica offers a highly automated and streamlined workflow for sophisticated user interface development.

Sharing interactive content

The Computable Document Format and CDF Player put dynamic, real-time computation and visualization into the hands of readers, regardless of the depth or scope of the underlying calculations.

Generalized input

User interface controls can contain and display any Mathematica expression. Mathematica's flexible text input fields automatically allow images, graphics, traditional math in 2D notation, or whole Mathematica programs to be entered and edited.

Fully customizable controls

Mathematica includes all standard types of controls and interface elements; advanced controls such as 2D locators, animators, gauges, and generalized input fields that accept arbitrary typeset text, graphics, or other expressions; and the ability to create new customized controls.
Full range of controls

Human interface devices

Mathematica allows you to immediately use external controllers or input devices to control user interfaces, 3D graphics, and more. Recognition and configuration of gamepads, joysticks, haptic devices, 3D mice, and other HID systems is automatic and platform independent.

Instant interactive exploration

With a single command, Manipulate, Mathematica instantly turns any computation into an interactive application. Explore results, graphics, or any Mathematica expression. In addition to mouse and keyboard input, Manipulate automatically supports gamepads and other devices.
Instant interactive exploration

Dynamic interactivity language

Mathematica's powerful Dynamic language primitive binds the value of a variable to its setting and appearance in controls, graphics, and any other expressions. Mathematica efficiently tracks dependencies and updates variables automatically.
Dynamic interactivity language

Automatically platform independent

Mathematica renders controls in their native style on any platform with no extra programming, allowing you to freely share graphical applications without needing to know what operating system they will run on.

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