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Who's It For?

BEST DB Editor is designed to be used by any organization that needs to efficiently edit and manage data. If data is already stored in a database, this application will simply snap to that database to start adding new or editing existing records. Those who need to move their spreadsheets or text files data to a safer and more controlled environment will find that BEST DB Editor provides both an excellent environment and the tools needed to make that transition. A data-importing interface will help users move spreadsheet data to a database in minutes.

Because it is based on a graphical user interface, no programming skills or knowledge of the Mathematica programming language are required. Beyond the standard data-editing capabilities provided by other database editors, BEST DB Editor takes advantage of the power of Mathematica to provide easy access to edit and save images, sounds, or graphics. The screenshot below shows an example table in MySQL that demonstrates some different data types that can be edited in BEST DB Editor.

Screen shot of BEST DB Editor interface and types of data that can be edited