Included in the Product

What's included in M2SLinkBasic:

M2SLinkBasic User Guide (PDF and Notebook)

The M2SLinkBasic User Guide covers all areas of functionality supported by M2SLinkBasic, with working examples to illustrate all features. It contains a summary of all the functions provided by M2SLinkBasic, with descriptions of the options supported by each M2SLinkBasic function. There is also an index of all the important terms used throughout the document. All the examples described in the M2SLinkBasic User Guide.pdf document are included in the companion M2SLinkBasic User Guide.nb notebook.

Topics covered include:

  • Importing a SAS Dataset with Formats
  • How to Obtain the Unformatted Numeric Value of a Formatted Variable
  • Filtering Your Data Prior to Import Using the SAS Data Step
  • Providing Passwords
  • Extracting Data by Group
  • Dataset Viewer
  • Interactive Scatter Plot
  • Setting Preferences

Custom markers for use with the M2SLinkBasic Interactive Scatter Plot.